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Professional Chandelier Cleaning, Restoration and Installation

Nothing compares to the elegance of a magnificent chandelier, but even the most beautiful lighting fixtures need maintenance.
Chandelier Master has over a decade of experience with installing, cleaning and restoring contemporary and antique lighting.
From vintage pieces in faceted glass and gilt to modern designs in cascades of crystal, we pride ourselves on restoring your lighting to its full glory.

Chandelier Cleaning

No chandelier can show off its true radiance without proper cleaning. We not only polish every facet of your glass, metal or crystal lighting fixture, but we do it with equipment that protects it as we clean. Prisms of crystal, glass bulbs and metal links each need special attention; that's why your lighting can only look its best with expert cleaning services. Our experts can handle any cleaning job from small sconces to dramatic arrays that weigh hundreds of pounds. Don't risk such a prized possession to harsh cleansers or dusters that can't do the job thoroughly; trust it to professionals.

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Chandelier Restoration

Years of neglect or previous attempts to clean an antique fixture could leave metal discolored and crystals fractured or even missing altogether. Dimming and flickering from faulty or fragile wiring in older fixtures diminish their beauty and could even present a fire hazard. Rewiring a massive chandelier is no task for the inexperienced; our team has restored thousands of fixtures. From matching and replacing a few missing crystals to a complete wiring of antique candle-holding chandeliers to bring them into the modern age, our experts can make your lighting fixture the showpiece it should be.

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Chandelier Installation

Restoration isn't just for antiques. New fixtures sometimes need expert attention during installation. Converting a European masterpiece for an American home or re-hanging a large piece in a new space is a job that goes beyond what most electricians can handle. We have the equipment and expertise to ensure that you can take your prized lighting with you and integrate it beautifully into your new home.

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You wouldn't entrust the cleaning of a masterpiece in oil on canvas to anyone but a master. Your chandelier is a work of art wrought in crystal and light, so trust it to those who give it the respect it deserves: Chandelier Master.

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