Chandelier masters offers its services for Art Restoration Service in NYC 5 boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. First of all, our restoration services are based on internationally recognized standards of conservation ethics. The chance to preserve artistic value in our costly collection by means of restoration services is what we need.

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Chandelier Master | Art Restoration Service in NYC 5 boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island

Painting restoration

We specialize in the conservation of the three major art styles such as traditional, modern and contemporary, and at chandelier master we are the experienced team to do this. For the welfare and restoration of your painting on canvas or any other picture, we’ll be ready to assist you. Call us to book an appointment.

We want you to have a concise and professional transition. We will take deliberate time and attention in our restoration procedures.

Oil Painting Restoration

Painting, which is an oil painting, shows a high degree of information sensitivity from different conditions and environmental factors like air fluctuations, backlight, pollution, and high humidity.

Our professional art conservators are highly adept at performing careful, non-invasive cleaning processes on affected artworks and implementing patch restorations and other repair procedures to fix minor issues such as mishaps and bumps, dents or cracks, if there, as well as stabilizing distressed and torn canvases that have sustained major damage.

While our team of experts can correctly modify and adjust any artistic creation to hide mistakes and remove unneeded features.

Backup print and photograph restoration

We proudly confess that our intervention retrieves even the most damaged memories and photos for the owners quickly and easily. To prevent further damage, we may need to restrict drying photos immediately. Relax absorbed photos with little or no dampness.

The first step in our mission is getting to these items that have been impacted by the destructive force that is at work. By using the skills and experience that we have gained over time, we can be able to save these precious objects fully.

Frame Restoration

One can arrange for professional conservation framing among other measures to preserve and maintain an artwork just as it was first made for display purpose.

Rather, our process is rooted in the use of the same highly skilled carving techniques, the re-establishing of the structural integrity, new glass made in the appropriate style, and the appropriate refinishing when necessary.

When a completely new frame is necessary then the owners will be foreseen and given guidance on the type of tailored frame to be purchased for the painting’s age and appearance.

Etching Restoration

The etchings that were originally called graphic papers had the gelatin that got used to the boards to which were mounted or just attached. Many of these boards eventually, under the influence of acids, are brittle and fragile.

Chandelier Master covers the whole process of etching restoration, including the repairs of dents and gaps using the tint or positive retouch and delicate cleaning to remove filmy and stains molding.

Watercolor Restoration

Watercolors rehabilitation demands careful and painstaking remakes so as to stop the deterioration of the artwork to a higher degree. Watercolor experts advise on where to photograph damaged watercolors and how to preserve them. Stabilizing the artwork and pictures allows for additional assignments to support and correct mistakes.

Our Art Restoration Process


Taking an initial consult which we will explore on what your restoration requirements are, we start off our engagement. We assess your artwork and prepare a restoration treatment plan with a full list of services to assist you choose.

Artwork evaluation

Once we receive the item, we record all process details. Every purchase in our shop is graded as new, like-new, or vintage by professional specialists. This action is of great significance while we are considering an adequate repair work.

Restoration methodology

Next, we’ll apply internationally renowned restorers’ methods to restore the artworks’ beauty. Since we update clients and address any concerns, our communication lines are always open.

Quality guarantee

After completing restoration and repairs, a final quality check follows. With this, we can always look forward to its (piece of art as) return.

Seize this opportunity, call us to inquire more about our preservation and enhancement services to protect your artwork investment.

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