Chandeliers are often used as the aesthetic centerpiece of a room, whether an entryway, ballroom, or office. Replacing old or unattractive lighting fixtures with tiers of shimmering glass or crystal drops can change the look and feel of a room.

If you would like to install a chandelier in your home or business, a reputable professional will evaluate the safety of the proposed space, can expertly assemble the many fragile parts, and knows how to install the chandelier fixture.

At Chandelier Master, we have over 10 years of experience with all aspects of chandelier installation, cleaning, and restoration.

Installing a chandelier takes many steps, from selecting a site to hanging the fixture.
Site selection is important for both aesthetic appeal and safety. If you have a space in mind, our professionals at Chandelier Master will recommend the best size for the most effective visual appeal.

Hanging a chandelier too small for space will not catch the eye; hanging a large fixture in a small space may overwhelm the room and be dangerous. Our professionals know how to install a chandelier to best accentuate the beauty and workmanship of the piece. We work with you to understand the visual effect you want and suggest styles, materials, and sizes that are appropriate for hanging a chandelier in the space.

A chandelier can weigh several hundred pounds. The selected site must be able to support the weight of the fixture, so we also evaluate the structural integrity of the space. If additional support is needed, we prepare mountings and fittings to support the weight.

If we feel the proposed site is unsafe in any way, we will work with you to select another space that effectively displays this luminous centerpiece. We also evaluate the existing electrical wiring to make sure it will support the new lighting fixture.

At the time of chandelier installation, we unpack each piece, assemble the unit and install it in its new location. For high ceilings and hard-to-reach places, we recommend using a chandelier motor for ease in raising and lowering the fixture.

If you want to move an existing chandelier, we will dismantle, pack and transport it to its new location. Dismantling entails making a diagram of the unit including placement of arms, drops, lighting fixtures and wiring. Each piece is individually removed, cleaned, separately wrapped and packed to avoid breakage. By installing a chandelier in a new location, you are able to keep the elegant centerpiece of your interior decor.

If your antique chandelier is looking a bit dull or has parts that are damaged, we also do chandelier restoration and cleaning. You can trust us to make your family heirloom look new again.

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