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Our designed portfolio displays a wide range of projects, and the variety of our provided services is quite remarkable; from thorough cleaning of fixtures, their components to location change, reinstallation, restorations and storage (relocations, relocations, refabrication and storage.) All of our employees are the qualified levels of employment with prior attendance to our exhaustive training programs and this carried out in his earlier job experience. Not only do we provide our best current services but we will hold our ourselves to what judgement history would render of us, which is an undeniable, unimpeachable job every time.

Chandelier Master | Our Chandelier service in NYC 5 boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island

Through our team of technical electricians and restorers, specialized in lighting sales and installation, we ensure that the refurbishment process which may entail a deep or surface cleaning job is carried out in an expert manner to recall the highly esteemed chandelier with the respect it deserves. the stuff has got to have a faith in itself that it will someday end the matter.

Chandelier service in NYC 5 boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island

Chandelier restoration

The artisans of our team are, among others, well-qualified and skilled in the production of products and the replication of parts. That is why a chandelier is not just a way of making an ordinary day lit, but it is a tool that uplifts the role of every accessory in the room.

Sometimes, when this mission of lighting up the life like brand new chandeliers seems already done, having a look at them on an expertly knowledgeable person’s glance tends to come up with the top secrets to once again shine them so bright.

Chandelier Repair

In the event that your chandelier housing valuable crystal sheaths, accessories or metal pieces, Chandelier Master is proficient enough repairing it.

Proceeding to give an account of the story, It is about those chandeliers that hurt and torn by natural deterioration up to the time, detached, broken or bent ornaments. Furthermore, the repairs can be given either as a individual service or they can be completed in the cleaning services as extras service that are paid for by the customers.

Our goal is to re-condition the artifact on a quick development of the chandelier within the shortest timeframe so our customers can cherish their artwork.

Chandelier Installation

On the positive side, our experts can either remove and install the old chandelier or unpack and install the new one somewhere. Whether you’re expanding, renovating, or adapting your home for business, the building of your house includes planning and decoration.

Chandelier Load Testing

The first step in keeping it right is to check the weight of the chandelier and that of the chain that attaches to the chandelier and hangs from the ceiling. By that time, you will regret the decision if you have not taken professional help.

Sustainable development, including environmental considerations and life quality concepts, needs to be to consider throughout chandelier maintenance.  Contact us at 1-866-788-0006 for specific needs.

Chandelier Winch System

With a wire rope in place, your chandelier is a device that can be used instantly for hoisting and lower down the weather guy on a wire, and with the rope in place it can be used instantly for hoisting and lower down the. The fact that you can readily make use of your cleaning instruments puts this within your reach, which is a condition favoring your accessibility to your chandelier when it comes to cleaning, changing bulbs and repairs.

Chandelier Storage Service.

Everything: from every chandelier to ancient antiques can be carefully and entirely insured by us as we store it all in our secure and completely insurance storage unit. This provides a worry-free shelter to reside for homeless which quickly helps in decreasing the population of the homeless. Having spent years specializing in chandeliers installations, our chandeliers technician’s legacy tells us what kind of respect chandeliers deserve when they need to be took down, and then we are sure to provide the best service from the careful disassembly to transferring the items with the greatest attention to the details.

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